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Keter 10x8 Shed

I wanted to buy a shed the moment I bought my house. However, there were always more important things coming up and my things were scattered around the backyard and stuffed in cabinets. Not long ago, I found this incredible deal at HomeDeport - a 10x8 resin shed for $699. I checked around and sheds like this one were sold for over $1000. I had to act and act quickly.

I already had a concrete slab in my backyard but I really wanted to install a gazebo on that slab or a she-shed. I wanted to build another slab for the shed nearby, I have made the plans for the new area  already and have estimated the cost (around $500) but this would require at least a week or two to build with my schedule and was not ready for this additional expense this month. So, I decided to buy the shed, install it on the existing slab and move it (really?!) later on to the new area.

The shed arrived one evening packaged in four big boxes, wrapped together. The next day I pressure washed the concrete slab and wait…

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